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Mlekec.si is a freeze-drying service for all mothers who breastfeed or wish to breastfeed. Mlekec.si is an innovative service which preserves the nutrients and bioactive components that are unique to your breast milk, making it a shelf-stable product.


Preserves the milk’s structure, nutrients and bioactive components such as calorie sources, proteins, prebiotics, vitamins, antibodies etc.


Freeze-drying breast milk extends the shelf life beyond the original expiration date when stored in the freezer.


The milk is returned to the mother in freeze-dried form. Only ONE mother’s breast milk is freeze-dried at a time.


Convenient for travelling, no special limitations. Ten times lighter than milk in liquid form.


Use in liquid or powder form to supplement any meal.


Stop freezing and unfreezing your milk. Empty your freezer. To reconstitute, simply add warm water.

Mlekec.si - your milk powder Your frozen milk Baby formula
Your milk
Milk of known origin
100% natural
No chemicals or preservatives
Easy to prepare a bottle
Compatible with other food (once thawed)
*once melted
Keeps nutrients over time
Keeps bioactive components over time
Easy to store
Freezer needed
Easy to transport
Easy to measure (as needed)
Quick preparation
Suitable for older children

Frequently ask questions

Who am I?

My name is Maja and I am the mother of little Luka. Our breastfeeding journey has been challenging and we have had our ups and downs. Since we were having trouble storing breast milk (we had limited freezer space, and due to the Covid pandemic, we were also required to store plenty of food), I was looking for alternatives to preserve my liquid gold. That’s how I found out about the possibility of turning my liquid milk into powder form and the story of Mlekec.si began.

How long does the order take?

Once your reservation is confirmed, the processing time may vary depending on the waiting list, which is currently 1–3 weeks. The customer will always receive updated waiting list information before their order is confirmed.

Where is the Mlekec.si service available?

At this stage, we can pick up your frozen breast milk at your address in Ljubljana, Maribor or Celje (and surroundings). However, we are also happy to offer our service to other customers if you can organize the shipment of your frozen milk yourself (you can either bring it to us personally or find a courier that transports frozen goods).

Does the freeze-drying process stop lipase activity?

Yes. The lipase enzyme is made inactive by the freeze-drying process. Mothers who are concerned about changes in the flavour or taste of their milk can stop further lipase activity by freeze-drying, however, reversing the degradation that has already occurred is impossible. We recommend freeze-drying breast milk that has not been stored in the freezer for more than three months.

Why is freeze-drying my milk better than freezer storage?

Freeze-drying preserves the breast milk much longer. It is also particularly useful when freezer storage is impractical or impossible due to lack of freezer space, travel, moving or to protect against power outages. Given the effort and time a mother puts into storing milk for later use, many want to use the milk that they have worked so hard to save.

Is there a minimum/maximum quantity of milk per bag that I can prepare and freeze?

Yes, do not express, freeze and store more than 120ml of milk in a single breast milk bag.

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Freeze-drying is a low-temperature dehydration process in which the product is frozen, usually at temperatures as low as -50°C, and the ice is then removed by sublimation in a vacuum chamber. This process lasts up to 50 hours and allows for complete dehydration, preserving most of the food’s original constituents while maintaining excellent product quality and allowing it to be rehydrated. This is the technique used to dehydrate your breast milk and turn it into powder form, which has all the components of the breast milk aside from the water. Without the presence of air and water, the milk can be stably packaged and stored and does not require refrigeration. This is a new service we offer to mothers so that they can preserve their milk longer and use it more conveniently. When it comes to the use of breast milk, our service provides a series of advantages.

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The service is personalized and only the breast milk of one mother is freeze-dried at a time. We operate in a “closed-loop system”, where mothers receive their own breast milk after the freeze-drying process is completed; we do not buy, sell or distribute breast milk. We take full responsibility for the safety of our process and compliance with regulatory requirements. We never put breast milk from different mothers in the same freeze-drying chamber.
Each mother is given a personal water ratio so that she can easily reconstitute her milk
powder back into liquid milk. Freeze-drying is different from standard dehydration, where
water is evaporated using heat. Freeze-drying, also known as “low-and-slow”, preserves and
protects the valuable nutrients that can be lost during dehydration at high temperatures. Our
process is designed with safety in mind, from beginning to end.

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Frozen breast milk can usually be kept in the freezer for about six months. Studies have shown that, after three months of freezer storage, the nutritional value of breast milk begins to decline. Scientific evidence suggests that freeze-drying keeps the nutritional quality of your breast milk at the highest level while preserving vital nutrients (fats, acids, proteins) and bioactive components (probiotics, vitamins, antibodies) over longer periods of time. If breast milk is stored frozen, it should be used immediately after thawing. Breast milk
in powder form can be used as a supplement long after weaning. It is more convenient to store and dispense, especially when travelling, because it requires no special handling. When breast milk is processed into powder form, it can also conveniently be used by a person other than a parent to feed the baby.

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