How to I know I will be getting my own breast milk back?

We operate in a “closed-loop system” where mothers receive their own breast milk back after freeze-drying; we do not buy, sell or distribute breast milk. We provide the service by appointment only, and our process is designed to handle one mother’s breast milk at a time.

What if i live in Austria, Croatia or Italy?

We are happy to help international moms and offer them our service. However, at this time, we are unable to personally pick your milk. The good news is that you can make the trip yourself and bring us your frozen breast milk. Once it is turned into powder, we will send your powdered milk back […]

Why is freeze-drying my milk better than freezer storage?

Freeze-drying preserves the breast milk much longer. It is also particularly useful when freezer storage is impractical or impossible due to lack of freezer space, travel, moving or to protect against power outages. Given the effort and time a mother puts into storing milk for later use, many want to use the milk that they […]

How does your freeze-drying process affect the nutrients in the breast milk?

Freeze-drying is a very gentle process, and results in retention of the nutrients in breast milk. Various human milk donor banks world-wide are implementing this process as an improved method of storage for donated breast milk. We can send you list of researches how the freeze-drying process affects various components of breast milk.

Is freeze-dried breast milk safe? Do you add anything to it?

Yes, freeze-drying is used by human milk banks around the world to preserve and store breast milk. We organize the cold chain by using insulated coolers to transport the milk to our facility. Freeze-drying is a delicate process in which absolutely NO chemicals, additives, or preservatives are added to your milk. There are many studies that […]

Is my breast milk mixed with other mom’s breast milk?

No. The service is personalized. Your breast milk is never mixed with another mother’s breast milk.  We process and freeze-dry each order individually so you can rest assured that you will only receive your own milk.