Who am I?

My name is Maja and I am the mother of little Luka. Our breastfeeding journey has been challenging and we have had our ups and downs. Since we were having trouble storing breast milk (we had limited freezer space, and due to the Covid pandemic, we were also required to store plenty of food), I […]

How long does the order take?

Once your reservation is confirmed, the processing time may vary depending on the waiting list, which is currently 1–3 weeks. The customer will always receive updated waiting list information before their order is confirmed.

Where is the Mlekec.si service available?

At this stage, we can pick up your frozen breast milk at your address in Ljubljana, Maribor or Celje (and surroundings). However, we are also happy to offer our service to other customers if you can organize the shipment of your frozen milk yourself (you can either bring it to us personally or find a […]

Does the freeze-drying process stop lipase activity?

Yes. The lipase enzyme is made inactive by the freeze-drying process. Mothers who are concerned about changes in the flavour or taste of their milk can stop further lipase activity by freeze-drying, however, reversing the degradation that has already occurred is impossible. We recommend freeze-drying breast milk that has not been stored in the freezer […]

Why is freeze-drying my milk better than freezer storage?

Freeze-drying preserves the breast milk much longer. It is also particularly useful when freezer storage is impractical or impossible due to lack of freezer space, travel, moving or to protect against power outages. Given the effort and time a mother puts into storing milk for later use, many want to use the milk that they […]